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Hungry Bear
Roast House 


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The Hungry Bear is the islands only independent a Roast House...
Roast is at the Heart of everything we do..
We Love to Roast 
We are a family run business established in 2017


The End of an Era


Charles Darwin

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The most important factor in survival is neither intelligence nor strength but adaptability. - Charles Darwin 

We have BIG News and this may come as a shock! It’s still sinking in ourselves but the Hungry Bear in its current form Ends on Sunday the 25th of February 2024!

There has been many rumours over the years of this move that move from us well …we are finally about to make one… and it’s going to involve many changes and even a name change! A complete rebrand and total over hall physically and online, lots will be done before the relaunch but it will be a continuous mission to make our vision come to life - (to create something that could last a life time and possibly beyond)...but I can confirm we are staying here at the Rectory Mansion.

 From humble beginnings in 2017 starting out the back of a van doing pop ups we have grown to establish ourselves as a leading restaurant on the island, famous for our Roasts.

Myself and Stuart have learnt lesson of the trade as proprietors and now we are ready to take what we have learnt and take all the best bits of the Hungry Bear to create something we feel can be even better. Something that serves island people even more than the Hungry Bear has…

The Hungry Bear could continue as it is, we are doing well considering the current environment and that is testament to our years of hard work and Stuarts gift for creating amazing food! But times change and to be successful you need to adapt (and we are always are) but this time it’s a big change and I genuinely feel an evolution of our business (but of course there is risk).

 We will be rolling out the new concept over the coming weeks as we will be busy bears behind the scenes… Our new venture will still be us, it will still be Stuart running the kitchen, Stuarts food, me helping deliver his vision and our current team supporting us (Particularly Mr Roast Runner)… We have been known to do things differently and trailblaze and I am sure this rebrand is no different and will probably raise a few eye brows along the way!

Unfortunately Stuart and I haven’t been in the position to have our families financially set us up or financially support our growth, we have achieved this all on our own and as hard as that is, we do really feel proud of our achievements.

 ( To be Clear we are not closing our company down, we are still trading as the same company just under a different name to serve the new concept)


This is begging of the end for the Hungry Bear, we are trading Friday, Saturday, Sunday (getting on with the changes during the week), then open seven nights a week during the February Half Term running a menu throughout showcasing all your Hungry Bear Favourites not just roasts… get booked in now and celebrate with us…for your last chance to experience the Hungry Bear in its current form…

Sunday the 25th of February will be our last day of trading as the Hungry Bear serving our famous Sunday Roasts at 12pm & 3pm… We will then close our doors for a farewell drink from 6pm, give us message if you like to join us… We will then close the doors of the Hungry Bear… and reopen to the public on Friday 8th March from 12pm as a New Evolved Version … Our booking system is open for the New Era and any vouchers not used for the Hungry Bear will be valid & transferable when we reopen.

“The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.” —Socrates, father of Western philosophy 
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