Policy Document

Based On Current Government Recommended Guidelines 

Welcome to the new normal, we respect the current government guidelines while maintaining a relaxed atmosphere. The saftey of our customers and team is of paramount importance to us. 

Hungry Bear requires you to respect social distancing and use common sense.

We ask that you remain seated as much as possible, please do not come to the bar we will provide full table service. Please use the sanitizer stations when entering and using the bathroom.

We have set out the key points to our new procedures and perspective below…

Have fun, Enjoy your roast and thanks again from the whole bear family …

  • No one experiencing symptoms of Covid 19 or feeling unwell may enter or use any of our services, if you are displaying symptoms you will be denied access to the premises. 

  • Team Members of Front of House & Back of House will all be wearing Face Coverings, to comply with UK Law. 

  • Customers are required by Law to Wear Face covering, when entering & Existing the Building, As well going to the Toilets.  

  • Under 11 year olds do not have to wear face coverings and people exempt from wearing face coverings will not be challenged. 

  • The Restaurant we close at 10.00pm 

  • We have reduced seating numbers in house to promote social distancing, around 50%, All tables are 1m apart and we have put additional measures in place.

  • Full table service – This now Law, please do not get up from you seat (unless absolutely necessary) rather alert your server to your need.  

  • Guests required to use hand sanitiser stations upon entry and by the toilets

  • Actively promote social distancing with written signs and vocal instructions

  • Promoting handwashing amongst staff and customers 

  • The Rule of six no bookings of more than 6 will be taken. 

  • Children must be supervised at all times

  • Pre-Booking Strongly Encouraged, 

  • Contact details taken in line with track & trace for any walkins as well as bookings

  • Increased cleaning, particularly of contact points and extra time between sittings

  • Effective cleaning of card machine for any contact payments 

  • Created more space by utilising the gardens

  • Monitor arrivals and departures of building with assistance from steward

  • Hot Collections predominately from outside the building 

  • Customers collecting a takeaway should wear a face covering whilst in the building. 

  • Encouraging contactless payments although we do take cash  

  • Increasing ventilation by opening windows and doors where possible

  • No live music only background music at a low level to prevent raised voices

  • Supporting customers with additional needs to understand the adjustments

  • Display our policies at our restaurant and online

If you have any questions or would like any further information, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.